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Leclerc Group

A love story since 1905

After 118 years of dedication to making cookies, snack bars, and crackers, our family business has become a true leader in the agrifood industry. Our recipes meet the highest standards of quality, consistency, and satisfaction across the board. As the heart of our business, our employees are the proud ambassadors of our 100-year success.

While we have adapted our production methods over the years in our continuous pursuit of excellence, some things have not changed: quality ingredients, tried-and-true recipes, and the conviction of giving our customers the best. We take real pride in our craft, and the feeling of comfort and wellbeing you get from our products is our greatest reward.


kilos of flour used to make our range of products


cookies—enough to fill 600 football fields


delivery trucks bringing our products to you


pallets a year—450 times taller than the Empire State Building


kilometres of snack bars—enough to go around the globe 15 times


snack bars produced every minute, at a rate of 135 km/h

Our Story

Putting our hearts into it for over 118 years

At Leclerc, we’ve held on to the lessons of the past. Five generations of artisans have tapped in to their courage, boldness, and determination to perfect the recipes we know and love today. That’s five generations of experience, tradition, and know-how being passed on by good people who continue to satisfy appetites both large and small. Learn more about Leclerc’s unconventional history.

Our values

Time-tested values



By authenticity, we mean our lifelong commitment to our craft. We are proud to meet global demand for Leclerc products in a way that honors this core value. It is reflected in the daily actions and words of every team members and in our use of premium ingredients.



Treating our suppliers and partners with the utmost respect has always been part of Leclerc’s winning strategy. It’s a value that plays out day after day among managers and employees whose steadfast commitment has ensured the success of Leclerc Group for five generations.



Ever the pioneer, Leclerc Group is always open to new ways of doing things. We tap into this innovative spirit to deliver products that are both good to eat and good for you. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, which is why we developed the Leclerc Health and Wellness Laboratory, where we craft formulations and recipes that exceed consumers’ needs and expectations.



Our commitment to you and your family is the cornerstone of our success. We love finding creative ways to deliver delicious, top quality products at competitive prices. Holding ourselves to an exceptionally high standard motivates us to go above and beyond every day, because your health, wellbeing, and satisfaction are what matter most.



Making tasty treats is not a job, but a true passion. A passion passed on by managers who get down to work every day alongside their employees. It is also no coincidence that our products are so delicious. The mission of our collaborators is to produce perfect bites of pure pleasure. And because they truly have their hearts at work, they do it with pleasure.

Our factories

A global business

Our cookies, snack bars, and crackers are made with care in eight facilities in Canada and the United States. We offer our customers a range of specialized products, including certified peanut- and gluten-free options. Our dedicated employees work hard day after day to bring you the highest quality products possible.